Beautiful Lies in the Tech Industry


I heard “The Lies That I Believe” by Thornley the other day. The chorus went like this:

The lies that I believe are simple
The lies that I believe are true
The lies that I believe are so beautiful
The lies that I believe are true

This got me thinking about some of the beautiful lies I hear everyday in the tech industry. They are simple and beautiful, and so many want them to be true.

Lie #1: All you need is an App!


An app is just a case of Red Bull, a small team, and a long weekend away!

After all, Yo was an incredibly simple app created in 8 hours that later received $1,000,000+ in investment! I ask myself, why can’t I do the same?

The reality is that competition is fierce! When I last checked, there are 1,300,000+ apps on each of the Android and iOS app stores, and most apps make NOTHING!


Lie #2: You will experience Rocket Ship Growth!


The reality is that your path will more likely be shallow and rocky,


if you are growing at all.


Lie #3: You will make lots of Money!

After all, if these companies did it, why can’t I!


The reality is that most startups fail, and others just limp along. Here are some of the top reasons startups fail based on an analysis of 101 Startup Post Mortems by CBInsights:


What beautiful lies do YOU believe?