I have seen a lot of press lately on the Maker movement. In order to try to get a pulse on what is happening, I have been attending the Hardware Startups Vancouver Meetup for the last number of months.

There is so much activity, and so much to learn. Here is a tiny taste of what is on my radar these days …

Upverter – Create hardware better faster. Web-based EDA suite to design schematic and PCB layout, select parts, review your BOM, and order a prototype with a single click.

Tempo Automation – Rapidly prototype electronic designs on your desk using a desktop pick and place robot

Optomec – 3D printing merging with printed electronics.

Cartesian Co. – A desktop printer that makes circuit boards in minutes. Check out the 4x oversubscribed Kickstarter video.

Place Droid (more info) – Place Droid Corp’s mission is to empower Makers by giving them the tools and services they need to realize and create their own projects and dreams. With years of experience building and using electronics without expensive tools and equipment, Place Droid has a key understanding of the pain Makers face with their high tech projects.

More to come … (in the Maker movement, there is ALWAYS more to come!)