How to plan when you find yourself in the deep end.

I do a lot of teaching and talking about situational awareness, mapping, strategy, planning, and the like.

But I never really considered what to do if there wasn’t time for all that, until I had too. 

Some wise person once said: 

You don’t need to start with a good plan. 

Just start with a plan. 

Then slam that plan into reality until reality hands you a better plan.

That’s a pretty good description of my journey since 2015.

Was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Started meds.

Dropped those meds.

Moved to diet.

Took that to extremes (paleo, keto, Wahl’s, gluten-free, grain-free, Best Bet, yada yada)

Added exercise (walking, stationary biking, etc.).

Tried different meds.

Dropped those too.

Added the Coimbra Protocol and high dose Vitamin D.

Then I found the MS Gym and immersed myself in mindset, neuroplasticity, and neuro-tailored exercise,

And I’m doing well, now.

Looking back, I didn’t have time to build a plan before starting because I’d just been thrown into the deep end in an unfamiliar pool.

And I was sinking.

I just had to start without knowing any of what I now know (or don’t).

The key was keeping my eyes open and paying attention along the way.

And now I have a plan and a good understanding of the surrounding environment.

In case I experience the deep end again.

So, if/when the tectonic plates in your world unexpectedly shift, whether in business or life, maybe start here.

Photo by Li Yang on Unsplash